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NMC Bangladesh Limited

NMC Bangladesh Limited is a leading shipping service provider in Bangladesh. In addition to our core businesses of port agencies, we offer a full range of related services to ship owners and ship operators. Founded in 1993, the company since then has grown steadily and now it has a family of 60 staff members on its rolls and have been setting new standard of service quality to meet international shipping industry. In this dynamic and challenging business, our mission at NMC services is to be recognized by our valued customers as the undisputed leader in services to the shipping and freight forwarding industry.


Our Business Process


Business Process Operation Type

Strict standard operating procedures to deliver first class p, correct invoicing, speedy cargo availabilities and most important, customer care at the point of entry to the local NMC.This is aided and made possible by the organization web-based Freight Management System. Another investment as proof of the management long-term commitment to the industry.


Business Process Sales Type

Sales generate customers and quality service keeps them happy.This is the key performance aspect of the growth of NMC Bangladesh Ltd.We will become a “sales driven” company, totally focused on customer contact, confidence and care whenever dealing with us.Communications are the key to growth within the NMC Bangladesh Ltd. We will be constantly circulating our sales correspondence, encouraging and challenging the global agents to do the same.


Business Process Support Type

NMC Bangladesh Ltd will draw its breath from sustained growth and profitability. The support of overseas agent and management is vital to our success.Vendors of NMC Bangladesh Ltd will also be encouraged to support our business plans and involved in its implementation and measurement processes.


Business Process Finance Type

We at NMC Bangladesh Ltd know that creditors confidence and support is critical to our growth. Here, we will meet with all creditors expectations.

Why Choose Us?

NMC Bangladesh Ltd  offers a comprehensive service for your products and goods to gain access to your company's target markets.

Our experience in international standards and certifications allows us to offer a service tailored to each company.

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